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Mar 2020 Changes to practice in light of coronavirus outbreak: a message from Martin

As clients will be aware, the situation may change rapidly, and we will keep you updated of any updated practice guidelines which may become necessary.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients as fully as possible, and we do hope to keep the service running during this difficult situation.

Currently, Martin is able to offer some sessions remotely, by Zoom, to both adults and children, if this is preferred, or if therapist has to self-isolate. This needs to be carefully assessed on a client by client basis.

If clients opt for face to face sessions, a full list of precautions ( such as use of had gel; maintaining what is advised as a safe distance, etc), will be issued to new clients, as has now been issued to current clients.

If schools close, sessions may become available during the day.

Please feel free to contact on the number or e-mail address given, if any further queries.

Jan 2020 Suffolk Therapy Centre

Martin has now taken over the lease at Suffolk Therapy Centre, Woodbridge Road, where sessions will be available, as well as at The Quay Wellbeing Centre.

Dec 2019 Two New Team Members, EMDR Therapy & UKCP

We welcome 2 new team members: Eucharia Murphy, Independ-ent Speech and Language Therapist, and Jan Seaborne, teacher, who has had extensive experience in working with children who have emotional and behavioural needs. Jan is THRIVE trained, (see, and will be doing some THRIVE profiles for us.

Martin now offers EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy) in addition to other therapies, for adults and children.

Martin now serves on a committee at the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, looking at updated standards and training needed for all UKCP psychotherapists who work with children and young people.

Jun 2017 Web site live

Hello and welcome to our new web site. Please feel free to browse and to contact us us with any enquries.