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Changes to practice in light of coronavirus outbreak: a message from Martin

Meeting Young Minds is a website set up by Martin Limb, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and Specialist Speech and Language Therapist.

Our aim is to provide psychotherapy (counselling), for children and young people, emotional support, and further assessments and therapy by ourselves or one of colleagues where necessary. (see the next page; About Us).

We are a highly specialist and unique service.

We work with a considerable range of children and young people; for example, those who:

  • have anxiety/stress or depression;
  • are being, or have been, bullied;
  • self-harm;
  • have emotional needs associated with, e.g autism spectrum disorder;
  • have communication difficulties;
  • have selective mutism;
  • have ADHD;
  • have sensory or physical needs;
  • have experienced traumatic events;
  • have experienced grief or loss.

But, in the same way as adults do not have to have a 'diagnosed' mental health problem in order to access counselling, neither do the children we see.

Sometimes children and young people simply wish to talk about matters that are causing them concern, to do with relationships; school; the pressures of modern life; how they feel about themselves, etc.

Also, please note: people older than 18, who have learning disabilities, can be referred too, directly to Martin, who has specialist experience with adults in this area. Those with limited verbal abilities can still benefit, if the right adjustments are made to as how therapy is delivered.

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